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Gosu” is a Korean word which refers to someone who is an “Expert” or a “Professional”.
But in the, esport Starcraft, Gosu it began to be used to describe someone who as “Skillful” or “Awesome”


Since 2014, ToBeGosu has be creating events and gaming communities that encourage and enable everyone to be Gosu


Latest updates from our network
gamenest board games BATDevs

The BATdevs are expanding to the big City!

We’ve been easing back on Bay Area Tabletop Devs events with the holidays getting in the way, but we’re going to...

ToBeGosu Board Game Arcade

Review: The Board Game Arcade, our first Kickstarted event!

Thanks to 49 wonderful people, on Thursday September 29th, the Board Game Arcade was successful backed on Kickstarter, even surpassing...

Bare bones game Bay Area tabletop devs BATdevs

Review: BATdevs playtesting #2

We had another great turn-out at our last playtesting monthly meetup. There were over seven games been played at any one...

board game arcade tobegosu tbg

Board Game Arcade Kickstarter is now live!

Our biggest and most ambitious event to date is now live on Kickstarter! We got the idea from the gaming...

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs

Our first Bay Area Tabletop Devs event was a success!

ToBeGosu has been expanding beyond our original mission to make esports accessible to all. Now we’re developing board gaming events...

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