Ameritocracy is now supported by ToBeGosu

ToBeGosu is now providing marketing services to Fillmore Game Co.’s first game Ameritocracy!

Ameritocracy is a drafting card game where you are your opponent are running for President of the United States. It’s deceptively simple to learn, and has a strategic depth with a touch of humour that keeps me coming back for more.

You can watch this how to play video I made for them, right here:

Successfully Kickstarted last May – raising $13,751 – San Francisco based designers Jim & Shane have already delivered Ameritocracy to their backers.

But now what?

A successful Kickstarter does not mean all the boxes are gone – as there are often minimum orders for print runs – and San Francisco apartments are not known for their spaciousness. 

So with half of the first edition print run left, Jim & Shane came to me and asked if I can use my professional skills as digital marketing freelancer to help them.

I first met Jim since not long after I moved to the US, and he’s been a regular patron of my meetups for local board game designers for the Bay Area Tabletop Devs community I managed. So I’m excited to be taking on this challenge, and I’m seriously going to work towards helping budding game designers are permanent part of my clientèle.

When looking at getting the word out about Ameritocracy, at first there was concern that since T***p has been elected President, most people have been turned off thinking about politics, but I think a lot of people are actually more engaged with politics than there were last year.

One of my favourite things about Ameritocracy is that is doesn’t play to policies or political parties, it’s just about the process of running an election campaign. To me it says “Just get involved” you can engage with politics as a grassroots campaigner, a front-lawn picketer or even a social media expert.

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Stay tuned as we embark on this new journey together, you can follow Fillmore Games on Twitter for news on what’s next for Ameritocracy and announcements on future games by this fearsome San Fran duo.

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And if you’re interested in my services, reach out to me and let me know. I’d love to hear about your game and where I can help you with project planning and marketing.


– Eliot

ToBeGosu (To Be Go-Su) is my gaming events brand that I’ve been experimenting with since 2014. It started with esports, then moved into board game designer nights, and now I’m trying something new out: offering my professional marketing experience to game designers.

Eliot Miller is a freelance content marketer, social media manager and digital marketing specialist. He also does video production and event planning and is working on his own board game about conservation that will raise money for charity.