The BATdevs are expanding to the big City!

We’ve been easing back on Bay Area Tabletop Devs events with the holidays getting in the way, but we’re going to launch into the new year like a Lv20 Dire Bat out of Hell Dimension 666!

(“Like a bat out of hell” but, its gamer themed. Get it? Oh…well nevermind then)

The BATdevs will now meet twice a month, once at our usual location in Oakland, and once at our new location in San Francisco!

Gamenest board games BATdevs

That’s right, the BATdevs will now also be meeting at GameNest, the video-game co-working space for indie game developers (7th and Howard).

We will be bringing games to playtest on Jan 10th at Gamenest. So if you are a designer, feel free to bring your game! If you just want to play games, you’re also welcome!

You can find full details of our first event at GameNest here.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about East Bay though. On Jan. 24th we will still be meeting up at the MADE for our second Designer Workshop. While we’ll still have playtesting for anyone who wants to bring a game, our Designer Workshops also feature talks on tabletop game design and development, and open the floor to anyone who wants to workshop a solution to a problem they’ve hit.

At our first Designer Workshop, we had John Treviranus from Duelyst, talk about Product Design in board games. In “Know Your Audience”, John breaks down how simply asking yourself “Who is this game for – and how much would they pay for it?” can help any tabletop designer, even if you’re just making a game for you and your friends.

You can check out the whole talk below.

We also heard from Rocket Lee, co-creator of Bloc by Bloc, who started with the subject of building a game from the narrative up, and expanded beyond that to encompass questions of cultural appropriation and the mistreatment of minorities.

I’ll admit, I had never noticed that Puerto Rico featured brown tokens to represent its “workers”, either deliberately or inadvertently, highlighting the island’s (and the western world’s) troubled history with Slavery in not terribly delicate terms.

Rocket requested that her talk not be recorded, but you can check out her Bloc By Bloc interview in The Guardian!


We’re excited to see where we can take the Bay Area Tabletop Devs, and ToBeGosu, in the new year. See you next year!