Board Game Arcade Kickstarter is now live!

Our biggest and most ambitious event to date is now live on Kickstarter!

We got the idea from the gaming Arcades of our childhood. Just like Chuck-e-Cheese, you can win tickets and turn them in for prizes – except with board games!

We’re going to have special challenges throughout the day, tournaments and playtesting from local game designers. Participating in these events will award you tickets you can turn in at The Vault for prizes! These will range from board games large and small, to tasty goodies and all the retro 80s novelty fun you’d expect from the Board Game Arcade.

We’re so excited to finally be underway with our kickstarter, and we can’t wait to see this event become a reality!

Special thanks to Hotel Durant who have been a truly wonderful venue to us, and to Will Parks who did all of the artwork. Check out his first game, Keel Haul!