Our first Bay Area Tabletop Devs event was a success!

ToBeGosu has been expanding beyond our original mission to make esports accessible to all. Now we’re developing board gaming events and helping to build communities of designers.

Since May, TBG has been growing the Bay Area Tabletop Devs community, bringing together board game, card game, dice game and roleplaying game designers from all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks to the support of the wonderful team at The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment), we were able to host our first #BATdev meetup!

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs

We had 7 games being playtesting and used up almost every chair the MADE had! Including Bare Bones: the dice game that thinks its a card game (below)

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs

Notable guests were Rocket Lee getting in some final playtesting feedback for her successfully Kickstarted game Bloc by Bloc

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabetop Devs

MADE staff trying out this semi-co-operative game of insurgency

One game that left a big impression on everyone, was from one our newest members. It’s a game that encourages healthy discussion about sexual well-being and experiences. To see total strangers feel comfortable sharing very personal stories was something incredible.

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs

Our next #BATdevs meet up will be this month, on August 18th, 7:00pm @ The MADE.

Feel free to bring a game, or just come to play the games!

Entry is free, however the MADE respectfully requests a $5 donation to help keep their doors open.

Full details can be found here.

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs

One Last Job

ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs


ToBeGosu Bay Area Tabletop Devs


Games list:

One Last Job

Star Ascension

Bloc by Bloc



Did you bring a game that isn’t linked above? Let us know and we will add it to the list.