New Partnership for the Weekly Gimmick Challenge!

We have partnered with live streamer Sancho9000 to help him bring to you, The Weekly Gimmick Challenge!

Every Saturday at 3pm (NA Servers / PST) there will be a fun, frantic Hearthstone tournament where you must play under a ridiculous gimmick.

Each week there will be a new crazy challenge. Horde only Cards, Everyone Plays Random Decks, First Player to Kill Themselves Wins – and many more!

Check out our Gimmick Deck Challenge list to see some of the ideas we’ll be suggesting for future weeks, or let us know in the comments what ideas you have for challenges!

Rando Challenge Weekly Gimmick ChallengeSancho started the Weekly fun tournament with his viewers as a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Now enough people are turning up each week that he could use a helping hand, and that’s where TBG comes in.

We’ll be helping him run his weekly tournament, and getting the word out there to people like you. Hopefully we can build this to the point where we can arrange prizes for our most successful challenger, at the end of each Month.

Where you come in

Want to get involved and help us deliver ludicrous fun every week? Well you can!

We can always use more Admins to help track scores and make sure people make it to their game on time.

Casters are also welcome. It’s an open community tournament, so we’re happy to have as many people running their own casts as they want. It’s a great way to practice if you’re starting out too. Just let us know ahead of time and we’ll arrange for you to have access to the players for spectating (and we’ll promote your stream!)

Now here’s where us and Sancho want to get innovative, if you’re a player we’d like to see you stream too! We like the idea that people can watch different players as they go through the tournament, hear their thoughts on plays and see their joyous/distraught reactions. So let us know if you’re playing in the tournament and streaming, we’ll be sure to get your stream out there.

Or you can forget all that, and just have fun!

This is a Weekly fun Hearthstone tournament where you can make new friends (or rivals) and have a blast on a Saturday afternoon. So have some fun with Hearthstone, each week, or just sit back and watch!

There are no fees, just sign up on challonge, or send us an email (

Follow TBG, or Sancho9000 on Twitter for up to date links for signing up, and announcements on each week’s gimmick.

See you this Saturday!

…or the Saturday after

………or the Saturday after that

We’ll be there every weekend, so drop by any time!

You watch the Weekly Gimmick Challenge at or /ToBeGosu