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A Little About Me...

Since 2013, I’ve been freelancing as a content marketer. That means I’ve been writing articles, managing social media, running community events and producing videos for 4 years now.

ToBeGosu has been with me most of that time as I experimented with my own esports tournaments, filmed interviews and Kickstarting the Board Game Arcade. Professionally, I have worked with ESL Gaming, Super League Gaming, Multiplay events, and a variety of video technology companies as well as picking up a few things as a Game Guru along the way.

For the past year I have run and planned events for the Bay Area Tabletop Devs, a network of 200 board game designers in the San Francisco area. I know board games and I know their designers. Some of them have come to me asking for marketing help with their Kickstarters, and now I am pleased to say, that’s my new focus.

Eliot Miller
A Welshman in San Francisco

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