Review: Our 1st Event in the US – The TBG Cup II

Last week we held our first event in the United States of America, the TBG Cup II!

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment were kind enough to host the tournament, which saw 14 players, compete in our unique Sideboard format, “Duel”.

After 4 Rounds of a Swiss Bracket, our champion emerged with a clean sweep. Congratulations Bruce “SupahPopo” King!

TBG Cup II ToBeGosu Sideboard Hearthstone Bay Area

Given restraints on time, we decided to share 2nd place between our top 3 competitors, who each went 3-1. Well done Chris “Aether” Hunter, Simon “Sleepyhead” Nguyen, and Roberto “Shabba” Caro.

TBG Cup II ToBeGosu Sideboard Hearthstone Bay Area

While there were 5 Warlocks and 4 Paladins in the tournament (including Sleepyhead and Aether), it was SupahPopo’s Control Warrior that reigned supreme, with Shabba’s Control Warrior holding a close second.

In the first game of the first round, ThrallAlva’s Handlock did its utmost to combat SupahPopo’s Control Warrior as they entered fatigue, but sadly it wasn’t enough.

TBG Cup II Sideboard Hearthstone Tournament Bay Area

An added bonus of being hosted in The MADE was that spectators who weren’t Hearthstone people themselves, could enjoy some classic games. Maybe next time we should run a Goldeneye 64 Tournament!

The MADE Oakland Video Game Museum

My favourite deck of the event would have to be Looey’s Shaman Deck entitled “Bananas” which through board presence and Mukla’s Champion, managed to give players a run for their money with a deck that was a little more entertaining than the usual meta. Looey finished

Commiserations to our only Rogue player who finished . Well played!

TBG Cup II Sideboard Hearthstone ToBeGosu

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the event, and an extra special thanks to The MADE for hosting us.

We hope to see you again, and always keep trying to be Gosu!