Review: BATdevs playtesting #2

We had another great turn-out at our last playtesting monthly meetup.

There were over seven games been played at any one time, and once again ran dangerously low on chairs at the MADE.

Bare bones game Bay Area tabletop devs BATdevs

(Unfortunately, there was only an iPhone on hand. We apologise for the low quality images!)

It was great to see some old faces as well as so many new ones!

Bloc by Bloc was back, but this time the designers handed over the rulebook and just sat back. This is a really important part of playtesting that too many games overlook (I’m looking at your Mysterium).

bloc by bloc game BATdevs Bay Area tabletop devs

We also got to see the latest edition of the recently named “Dicestorm”, that combines tactical-tile-based combat with a bombardment round of dice-throwing.

dicestorm batdevs bay area tabletop devs

Another interesting game was Untold Stories. A card games that aims to facilitate and encourage positive discussion of sexual health, relationships and experiences.

untold stories batdevs bay area tabletop devs


The game features cards that have questions on a wide range of topics relating to sexuality. You play one of your choice and answer the question. The other players then take it in turns to play one of the “reaction” cards, and offer a comment or similar experience as a part of it.

untold stories batdevs bay area tabletop devs

It was really incredible to see a mix of strangers and friends quickly open up on these subjects. It was clearly that there was plenty there people wished they could talk about more.

We hope to see it at another BATdevs meetup before too long.


In faaaaacctt….The next BATdev meetup is tomorrow night!

Hope to see you there 🙂