Review: The ToBeGosu Cup

On Saturday May 3oth, we hosted our second Sideboard format Hearthstone tournament, the ToBeGosu Cup.

After 4 rounds of a Swiss Bracket, Alistair “Randalthor7” Jones came out on top with a 4-0 sweep, he claims it was all luck. (bracket).

It was now up to Rhirhi, Rez, Raven and Rolypoly890 to compete for the last spot in the Grand Finals, proving that players with names that begin with “R” are better at Hearthstone.

Rhirhi beat Raven, and Rez beat Rolypoly890, leaving them to battle for the last spot in the Grand Finals (bracket).

Rhirhi won the second spot, and beat Randalthor7 2-1 in the Grand Finals, perhaps his luck had finally run out.

1st place Rhirhi (left) and 2nd Place Randaltho7 (right)

1st place Rhirhi (left) and 2nd Place Randaltho7 (right)

Congratulations to Rhirhi, Randalthor7 and Rez!

1st Place: Rhirhi (Hunter)

2nd Place: Randalthor7 (Warlock)

3rd Place: Rez (Priest)

3rd place, Rez

3rd place, Rez

Rhirhi takes home the Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard from Razer, while Randalthor7 claims the Orochi gaming mouse. Rez got first pick of the Blizzard goodies we had on offer, and couldn’t resist the fluffy allure of the Hearthstone Pillow (it is really soft and fluffy).

Players had also be taking on the Gimmick Deck Challenge all day. Each winner of the challenge had been awarded a raffle ticket, and we drew before the Grand Finals.

Munchkin was first up (after Rez had picked) and without hesitation, nabbed the coveted Hogger Plushie!

IMG_7205Sadly Rolypoly890, who had taken on the Gimmick Deck Challenge 4 times trying to claim a raffle ticket for himself, had missed his chance at taking home Hogger, and ended up being one of the last to pick. The Hearthstone pint glasses were popular as well! Although people were right, the Leeroy Jenkins one should really come with two Rookery Whelps shot glasses.



Not everyone has Secrets

Our unique sideboard format, “Duel”, was well received last time at the Gosu Cup, but according to feedback we received, I made some changes.

The basic idea of the format remains the same, you have one deck (for one class) for the whole tournament. This deck can then be altered by your Sideboard if you want to changes your tech choices. For instance, you only need cards that destroy weapons, or Kerzan Mystics, against certain classes.

The following changes were made:

1) Sideboards were no longer used before you played against your opponent. Instead each player would use their “core decklist” in game one, and then after that, they would be allowed to use their Sideboard in games 2 & 3.

2) The sideboard was increased from 10 cards, to 12.

Point 1) was requested by several players at the last event, while point 2) I felt was a good idea given that both Goblins vs. Gnomes and Blackrock Mountain had been released since out last event, meaning that there were more tech choices available.

Also, what I wanted to see the Duel format accomplish from the start was its own Meta, where players would brings decks that could easily be changed into a different strategy with only a few cards. However, only one player (Munchkin) attempted this idea this time around, creating a Control Warrior that could be turned into a Frothing Berserker/Grim Patron deck.

As for feedback from the TBG Cup, there was relatively little. Either people didn’t get the chance to talk to me about it, or they were happy with the changes. Still, an outstanding criticism of the format is that it can get boring playing the same class all day.

However, our 4th place Raven did point out that it was slightly unfair that he got nothing, while winners of the Gimmick Deck Challenge got some of the best prizes going. I agree with him that this was shortcoming, and I apologise for it. Quite simply, I didn’t know what to do with so much swag! Should 4th place get a pint glass or a pillow? Valuing this items is so subjective, but we should’ve at least given 4th place last pick of the bunch.

Is the Hogger worth more than the pillow? Is the tea mug better than the pint glass? I really don't know

Is the Hogger worth more than the pillow? Is the tea mug better than the pint glass? I really don’t know


On the whole, the TBG Cup was a success. We expanded into having a Live-stream casted by Aquablad, which covered the games after the Swiss bracket, and we actually made enough money this time around to be able to pay him for his services. The Gimmick Deck Challenge was popular again, and kept people entertained in-between rounds.

The venue was roughly the same size as last time – intimate, but not cramped – and the internet connection at MadLab continues to be stellar. My concern that being directly over a pub was the reason for our success last time, proved to not be true, and people enjoyed the tea, coffee and snacks available.

Apart from a bug appearing saying “Your opponent is no longer in your friends list” we had no technically difficulties, and this bug itself caused no problems (you just click “OK” and carry on with your game).

However, due to May being the exam period for many, turn out was slightly lower than before, and as a result there was less of a buzz in the air. People preferred to quietly enjoy playing Hearthstone and watching the live-stream instead. A handful more patrons may have made the place feel more “happening”. The lighting was also warmer and softer last time, the harsh white light this time around did not suit the event so well.

Last time our event was just after Insomnia53 and a week before Goblins vs. Gnomes was released, which I think resulted in slightly more interest in Hearthstone and attending events. Next time we will more carefully consider when we will host an event, as well explore possibilities to “dress” the venue more fittingly for a Fireside Gathering.

Overall the event went well. People asked me when the next one is going to be, and many on social media lamented that they couldn’t be there, which are very good signs.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Razer and Blizzard, and their Fireside Gathering Team.

And thank you to everyone who attend the event and watched our live-stream, we hope you enjoyed it!

Coming up with got the VODs for individual matches being uploaded to our YouTube Channel, and interviews with the Top 3 players, their decklists, and what they think of Duel!

What do you think of the Duel format?

Did you come to the event, and have some feedback for us?

Get in touch and let us know what you think!


– Eliot Miller

Founder of ToBeGosu