TBG Cup – Gimmick Deck Challenge: Full List

People often ask me to see the full list of Gimmicks we have for the “Gimmick Deck Challenge”.

So here they are in all their glory, the complete Gimmick Deck Challenge List!

  • Do a battle of Horde vs Alliance
  • Re-create a WoW Raid (Raid Party vs. Neutral Mobs + Raid Bosses)
  • Only cards with Beards (Hero too)
  • Only cards who are Bald or Hairless (Hero too)
  • Do a battle of Undead vs. Paladins
  • Only cards with Female Characters
  • Only cards with Male Characters
  • Only cards with Undead Characters
  • Do a battle of Male vs Female
  • All Minions must have 4-legs
  • All Minions must have Wings
  • Only cards who are Angry
  • All Minions must have Battlecry
  • All Minions must have Deathrattle
  • All Minions must have or give Spell Damage
  • All Minions must have or give Spell Immunity
  • All Minions must have or give Charge
  • Take all Spells and Minions who deal direct Damage
  • You can’t have any Spells which require a Target
  • You can only have cards that cost 4 mana or more
  • You can only have cards that cost 4 mana or less
  • You must use your Hero Power every turn
  • You can only have Minions who summon other minnions
  • Only non-humanoid minions (doesn’t have a human shape: two arms, two legs)
  • Only cards with races/creatures from Vanilla W.o.W.
  • None of your minions can be alive (undead, mechanical etc.)
  • All Spells must have a Random effect
  • All Minions must have a Random effect
  • Build a deck with every Secret a class has
  • All your Minions must have or give Windfury
  • All your minions must have Enrage, or gain bonus attack when damaged
  • Take every Minion and every Spell that Draws Cards
  • The first player to kill themselves wins
  • Make a Random Deck (Create a new done, click done, allow auto-fill – Don’t look!)
  • Do a battle of ‘ranged’ Minions vs. ‘melee’ Minions
  • You can only kill your opponent with a weapon
  • You can only kill your opponent with a 1/1 minion (it must still have only 1 Attack, when it attacks)
  • All Minions, and Spells which affect Minions, must have Equal Attack and Health

If you’d like to take on the Gimmick Deck Challenge, then come to our event the TBG Cup on Sat. May 30th!

The Gimmick Deck Challenge is free to enter and will run all day.

Have your own ideas for a Gimmick? Leave them in the comments below.

We’re always look for more ways to have fun!