TBG Cup – Sign-ups are open!

Want to compete for a Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard, a Razer Orochi gaming mouse, Hogger Plushies and a more ‘swag’ than you can carry?!

Then sign-up for the only Sideboard Hearthstone tournament – The TBG Cup!


If you wish to enter our  tournament, the ToBeGosu Cup, on Sat. May 30th, please follow the steps below!

Registration will close on Wednesday May 26th – Now extended to Friday 29th! All decklists have to be submitted by 4pm Friday May 29th.
You may change your Decklist & Sideboard before this date, however excessive attempts to do so may be treated with suspicion (as well as just be annoying).

If you arrive on the day of the event to enter the tournament, we will see if we can fit you in, but we cannot guarantee you a place.


Step 1 – Apply

Fill in this form with your details, and decklist.

Alternatively, you can send me an email at e.miller@tobegosu.com,  with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Email Address
  • Your BattleNet ID, with your BattleTag number (e.g. Player#1234 – this is a must!)
  • Your Class
  • A list of all the cards in your deck (30 Cards), plus a screenshot of your decklist
  • A list of all cards in your sideboard (12 Cards), plus a screenshot of your sideboard
    • To do this, please create a new deck containing ONLY the 12 Cards of your sideboard and take a screenshot (Please crop your screenshots before sending them).

If you apply through the form, we will send you an email requesting screenshots of your Decklist and Sideboard.

You may submit your Decklist and Sideboard at a later date, or change it, as long as we receive your final Decklist, Sideboard and screenshots by 4pm Friday May 29th.

Once the tournament is full (32 Players), remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list. We will announce when spaces become available.


Step 2 – Pay

Upon receiving your application, we will send you an invoice to pay £8 entry fee for the tournament, via PayPal.

This payment is only for entry to the tournament. Admission to the event itself is free.

Only after we have received payment will we  confirm that you have a spot in the tournament.


Step 3 – Good luck, have fun!

Once these steps have been completed we will expect to see you at the event, and we wish the best of luck in the tournament!

We have some fabulous prizes from Razer and the more matches you win, the better your prizes become.

But you can always forget about that, and just have fun…with our “Gimmick Deck Challenge” where we have some Blizzard goodies to give-away!


Tournament format

The tournament will use a Sideboard format, we’re calling “Duel”.

Players have one deck for the whole tournament. Every match is a best of 3 games. In the first game, both players use their “core” deck. After the first game has been played, both players may use their sideboard to make alterations to their deck, for their second and third games. This process is then reset for the next match, against their next opponent.

The tournament will be a Swiss bracket for 4 rounds, followed by a short single elimination bracket to decide the Grand Finalists. There will also be a match to decide 3rd & 4th place.

“Errr…can I have the short version?”

You only need one deck to compete for awesome prizes, and no matter how well you do, you’ll get to play four matches!


Terms and Conditions

There are no refunds for tournament admission. Please remember this is an ‘offline’ event and that all participants must attend the tournament in person.

We cannot offer you any equipment, please bring your own laptop, tablet or phone to compete.

Cancellations are permitted, but sadly we cannot offer refunds. Please do inform us if you do wish to cancel, so that we can open your slot up to other potential players.

Re-opening spots in the tournament

The tournament has space for 32 players and once all places have been filled we will send out an announcement.

However, in the event of cancellations, ‘no-shows’ or failure to submit a decklist by May 28th , we will open these spots to applicants on the waiting list. Be sure to attend the event in person, you may still get to enter the tournament!