TBG Cup – The Prizes

Thanks to Razer and Blizzard, we have some amazing prizes for our competitors to win!

1st Place: Razer Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard


A craftsman is only as good as his tools, and the world of gaming is no different. This will totally make you write better and micro harder.

Type “lol wut” and “gg ez” so fast it blinds your opponents, momentarily stunning them!

With its hyper-satisfying clicking sound (oh, it’s so satifysing), this is the keyboard for you.

Hit the link to let Razer tell you for themselves, why a Black Widow will change the way you play.

Value: £119.99

2nd Place: Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse


Now I know what’re you’re thinking “Where’s my small rodent trained to play video games?!”

Well its not that kind of mouse, but it’s the next best thing.

Now I’m holding the box in my hand, and it’s covered in a lot of numbers I don’t understand. I’m going to assume you might not know what they mean either, so let’s make this simple:

It’s fast.

Not only that, it can be wireless or wired. Way better than Squeekers over there! All he does is ladder Face-Hunter from his little wheel.

Hit the link to let Razer tell you for themselves, why its the best for gaming on the go

Value £64.99

3rd Place – First pick of Blizzard Swag


Blizzard have been good enough to give us  all the Hearthstone goodies you see here.

Including the softest Hearthstone pillow known to man, four full pint glasses, four ceramic coasters, a Hearthstone tea mug (it’s totally a tea mug), and a Hogger voodoo doll.

So snuggle up with a nice drink, ladder up, and get comfy with the most terrifying of Warcraft monstrosities!

3rd place will get first pick, the rest will be awarded to winner of our Gimmick Deck Challenge which will run throughout the event.

Everyone who competes in the event will all recieve a dizzying array of Razer swag, which will increase in quantity (and bizzarity) the more games you win

To sign up for a place in the tournament, visit our Sign-up page.

Entry is £8, doors open 10:30am and the tournament starts 11am. We should finish by 5pm.

We will be using our unique Sideboard format “Duel”. Your match may also get cast by UK Hearthstone caster Nick Secker Aquablad, so you’ll be a part of esport history as well!

So what are you waiting for?