TBG Cup – We’re looking for Volunteers!

On Saturday May 30th, we’ll be running the TBG Cup in Manchester.

But we need your help!

We need volunteers to help staff the event and make sure it runs smoothly

What we need:


We need a couple of Admins to generally help with the event:

Making sure everyone has paid, that players’ questions are answered, that there is no misconduct with the Sideboard etc.

Don’t worry if you’ve never admined before, here’s your chance!

All we need from you is a good knowledge of Hearthstone

Caster / Live-Streamer

We want someone(s) to run a live-stream of the tournament and cast the whole event

We are happy to have more than one caster, or casting teams, just so long as everyone has a knowledge of how to use XSplit or OBS

You will be left in charge of maintaining the live-stream

Equipment can be provided, but if you have better gear, feel free to bring it along

We are happy to take on newcomers!


Drop me an email at: e.miller@tobegosu.com

Volunteers need to be at MadLab at 10am for setup

All volunteers are welcome to enjoy the event and even take on the Gimmick Deck Challenge

However, volunteers cannot compete in the tournament, as this would be a conflict of interests.

Hope to hear from you soon!

– Eliot Miller

Founder / Manager of TBG