VOD: Sideboard Hearthstone Tournament, the TBG Cup

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Here is a complete rundown of our Sideboard Hearthstone Tournament & Fireside Gathering, the TBG Cup. Including, all of the VODs casted by Nick “Aquablad” Secker!

The TBG Cup was run on May 30th, 2015 (Post-BRM, Pre-TGT). It was ToBeGosu’s second event to use “Duel”, a Hearthstone Sideboard Format devised by Kevin “Odinn” Hovdestad. In this version of a sideboard format, each player has one deck for the whole tournament, and a Sideboard they can use to alter their deck.

Following feedback from our first event using this format, the Sideboard contained 12 cards, and could only be used after the first match. In the first match players would compete with their “core” decklist. What remained the same was that all matches were a Best of 3 Games, and the tournament was played in a Swiss Bracket.

TBG Cup Hearthstone Sideboard Tournament

After 4 Rounds of Swiss Competition, the newcomer RandalThor7 (Warlock) came out ahead of the pack with his Zoo-Lock deck. This meant that he immediately advanced to the Grand Finals.

Rez (Priest), RolyPoly890 (Paladin), RhiRhi (Hunter) and Raven (Warlock) would have to show their Hearthstone mettle in a brief Single Elimination Bracket to compete for the second spot in the Grand Finals, against RandalThor7.

TBG – A Sideboard Hearthstone Tournament – VODs

After a fairly even series between the two, RolyPoly890 deals 8 damage to himself with Lay on Hands, and looses Game 3.

This meant that Rez would now play the winner of RhiRhi and Raven, which was RhiRhi. That match was unfortunately not casted, due to time constraints. We continue the action with Rez vs RhiRhi.

After two decisive games, RhiRhi was victorious with his Face Hunter and advanced to the Grand Finals against RandalThor7.

You can catch up with Rez and what he thought of Priest in Hearthstone Sideboard Format Tournaments here.

Interview with 3rd place, “Rez”: “I think Priest is really strong in the sideboard format”


RolyPoly890 and Raven played to decide 4th place. After a comfortable 2-0 sweep, Raven came 4th. A good run, but sadly not good enough for our previous reigning champion.

TBG Cup – A Hearthstone Sideboard Tournament – Grand Finals: RandalThor7 vs. RhiRhi

After a nail biting series, RhiRhi was crowned as our champion of the TBG Cup! Well played RandalThor7.

Thanks to Nick “Aquablad” Secker for casting, to everyone who came to the event and competed, Blizzard and Razer for supporting the event, and to MadLab for providing a fantastic venue.

You can catch up on RandalThor7 story, and his rise to success despite having only played Hearthstone for 5 months, here.

You can get a complete run-down RhiRhi and his winning deck, in our interview with him, here.

TBG Cup Hearthstone Sideboard Tournament

TBG Cup Hearthtsone Sideboard Format Tournament

1st place Rhirhi (left) and 2nd Place Randalthor7 (right)